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Farcana game is a shooter with battle royale mode, where the players will seek to start a new life on terraformed Mars and earn Infilium – the most powerful resource in the Galaxy to create disruptive technologies and mine Bitcoin with extra speed.

Farcana is backed by the patented deflation Play-to-Hash economic model based on real Bitcoin mining power. It connects the Web2 gaming quality with the Web3 economy and technologies. There are daily, monthly, and yearly battle royale tournaments where players fight for Bitcoin. Play-to-Hash is a new patent economy model to revolutionize blockchain games. Farcana distributes Bitcoin as a reward token rather than a $FAR.NFT plays an integral role in the Farcana ecosystem, maintaining its own trading market and player-owned in-game assets.The $FAR token is available in-game for a variety of events and consumables, as well as new and innovative governance systems. ...

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