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Rumor has it that there exists in ASPO World these powerful sorcerers possessing the ability to summon and control wandering spirits to kill anyone standing in their way. Each sorcerer is accompanied by their own spirit, who would do whatever it takes to protect their master. In this mysterious world, there comes a point at every 500 years when a grand tournament is hosted to find the greatest sorcerer, who will then become the heir to the most sought-after title : The King of Sorcerers, the only person entitled to the power of controlling the spirits of greatest strength to guard the Earth.

Yet, the latest two tournaments have invited some unwanted disruption from a troublemaker called Asakura Hao. He seems to be after a conspiracy to prevent the next King of Sorcerers from stepping up. Generations of Sorcerers are now weakened with their age and the presiding King is seeing his used-to-be greatest power fading away. Meanwhile, as the next tournament is on its way to begin, a group of high school students (Manta, Anna, Ryu, Tao Ren, Tao Yun) are pushing themselves hard practicing to be the next generation of sorcerers, preparing themselves for the journey of conquering the greatest title. ...

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