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Hidden Cave Bear

Hidden Cave Bear

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They once loved and got along with human, but now they are suffering from gall bladder extraction and lock up in an ice cold steel cage filled with garbage and excreta. This place is corrupted with breathless stink, and even spoiled water is not allowed. So they are trying to escape from this place looking for a hidden cave for a happy life they deserve.

The bears gathered in the hidden cave are living there enjoying parties everyday feeling freedom and joy communicating each other on own way. The delightful bears decide to invite people to the hidden cave and enjoy the party together.. Hidden Cave Bear~!!! The invited HCB holders will bond with each other and create their own stories through communication and parties. This is a special BEAR NFT(PEP) with 10,000 different 3D design motivated by an image of an Asiatic Black Bear Asiatic Black Bear is a natural monument, and designated as a first class endangered animals. This NFT contains a purpose of protecting Asiatic Black Bear from gail bladder extraction by creating a sanctuary. ...

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