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Nyan Heroes

Nyan Heroes

9 チャンネル| 0.8 M フォロワー数
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Nyan Heroes is an NFT game based on the Solana blockchain and is part of the Metabus. Blockchain games are expected to become the future gold standard for the entire game ecosystem, which means a $200 billion industrial crisis.

Our top priority is to provide a high-quality game environment that supports a player-centric ecosystem through powerful tokens. In Nhaan Heroes, players can collect cat and guardian robots with NFT. The player then uses his hero to clash with another player in the shooting style action game. By simply playing games, players automatically participate in our player-based economy by collecting tokens as a reward for completing their missions, winning battles, and proceeding in adventure mode. Players can also cast more Nian, replicate Guardian robots, collect rare and unique weapons and leather, and trade all of these as NFTs in our market. Our main cryptocurrency behind Nyan Heroes will be NYN. This token is a multifunctional governance token allocated at a certain rate for core teams, staking rewards, and community finances during private and public sales. NYN is what players can get from playing games, and NYN will be a pivotal part in carrying out various marketplace transactions for NFT transactions. Players can also earn in-game utility tokens $CTNP (Catnip) while playing games. These tokens will be used in games to level up characters and weapons, produce items, and modify land compartments. ...

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