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Plant vs Undead

Plant vs Undead

6 チャンネル| 0.2 M フォロワー数
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Plant vs Undead (the “Game” or “PVU”) is a multiplayer tower defense game inspired by many widely-known tower defense games.

The Game is set in a world called Planet Plants, once beautiful and peaceful home to animals and the “Plants”. Unfortunately, a strange and deadly disease coming from the meteors turned the animals into the ferocious “Undead”, seeking to destroy all living beings, including the Plants and their “Mother Trees”. However, not all hope is gone, as with the nurturing power of the Mother Trees and the adaptation and evolution of the Plants, some “Seeds” have grown into special Plants with magical elements and special traits to defend the Planet against the Undead. Generations of the Plants have become tireless fighters and soldiers, all to protect the home of the Mother Trees. Our ultimate goal in developing the Game is to contribute to a new chapter of gaming history with the finest combination of a tower defense game and one of the newest blockchain technologies – the NFTs, while bearing in mind that the players’ gaming experience and the free-to-play-and-play-to-earn mechanism are our top priorities. Mobile devices are our main focus. You could play PVU anywhere and anytime, as long as you are with your mobiles and connection. In the Game, you shall lead the Plants which are also your digital assets in the fight against the Undead. Each Plant is unique and equally accessible to everyone through collecting and growing Seeds as “Farmers”. There is no such thing as an initial investment barrier to PVU, every player starts with 01 Mother Tree and 06 basic non-NFT plants that are usable in all game modes. With in-game tokens acquired through playing, players could obtain the Seeds, which could grow into any Plant, from the most common to the rarest ones. The Plants could of course be bought and sold in the “Marketplace” which we create with constantly improved technologies to satisfy the needs of our players.

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