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🔎CADMen is a precisely designed NFT created with Solidworks CAD software and rendered with Solidworks Visualize. The project was born out of the boredom of COVID lockdown in Michigan in 2020 and 2021. Its the only Solidworks creation NFT project I know.

🔎 This project has 200 unique characteristics. Each attribute was created and rendered individually in Solidworks. This image is a good mix of humor, pop culture, and sports. Each NFT has a rare rating, and its rare properties make the NFT more desirable and collectable. The 5000 unique NFTs contain 30 fully rendered 1/1s, all equally rare. 🔎This is a superfluous (PFP) project created for fun!I think the final product looks really good and makes a good profile picture on Twitter or other apps (Solidworks PDM users can also use it as a profile image on PDM). ...

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