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Cryptid Clan

Cryptid Clan

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Far beyond the familiar shores of civilization, there exists an island shrouded in both veils of mist and mystery. A land of legend and lore, where secrets from long-forgotten stories lay sleeping. Where the treasures from beyond history are kept safe by creatures from beyond reality. Introducing Cryptid Clan, a collection of 3,933 Hand-Drawn, Bigfoot NFTs. These NFTs will be your portal into new adventures throughout the metaverse and the real world. Enjoy access to a robust metaverse built on NFTWorlds, backed by a self-sustaining economy P2E games, land plots, and retail opportunities in the Metaverse. These NFTs will also give you exclusive travel perks to our Cryptid Camps placed in exotic locations IRL around the globe. Adventure awaits..

Cryptid Clan will be your ticket into our carefully designed, highly robust P2E gaming environment and economy. Our Metaverse and P2E gameplay is currently under development within NFTWorlds, which will allow holders to earn $$ by playing in our ecosystem. We have so many exciting ways that will bring you into action and give you a chance to earn crypto by merely playing our games and submerging yourself into our commerce-centered economy. Along with P2E gameplay, we are going to be building out a full self-functioning economy with shops, vendors, staking, lending and much much more. Read more about our Metaverse plans in our Litepaper doc.

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