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Crypture World

Crypture World

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Crypture World is an NFT game developed by an experienced group of crypto enthusiasts on the WAX Blockchain. The game features unique play-to-earn mechanics that allow players to collect an ever-growing collection of Crypto Creatures. These Cryptures can be sent to Adventure in the different regions of Crypture World to collect resources and build your Headquarters!

Collect Creatures Cryptures, the in-game collectible creatures can be captured in-game while exploring, bought on the AtomicHub marketplace, obtained from breeding, or won through multiple giveaways! Each creature is a unique NFT that will be able to take part in Adventures, Quests, Combat, and Breeding. Resources and materials are collected during Adventures which let the player build and upgrade their Headquarters, craft, cook and practice in alchemy! Fast And Cheap Blockchain ...

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