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Directly interconnected access to Metaverse allows you to travel directly to and from the island to the RPG. The hotspot is the only place where you can be looted or lost your valuables, so the property you own is your personal safety zone.

You can keep everything to yourself while crossing the metaverse or rent space as a safe haven for others. Using different types of P2E games within the Metabus Island ecosystem wont run out of $Stori to do or earn. Destoria is more than a brand and integrates destinations, families, events, community hubs, incubators, metaverse, and real-world P2E opportunities into one. Its the next step, the change we all want, the evolution of whats coming. As Battle Royale and MMORPG approach completion at different stages, Destoria aims to provide a real P2E mechanism for the first time using Unreal Engine. Destoria is developing the largest open-world metaverse in the Ethereum blockchain and can host the entire project experience, whether its a startup or an existing project, making it the perfect launchpad for all communities. ...

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