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Elfin Kingdom

Elfin Kingdom

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In the lands of the Elfin Kingdom, where farmers and farm owners established themselves through diligent working and farming, potential threats of untamed Elfins sometimes appear. Some Elfins are friendly to humans, they could be fed and trained, but the wild ones might pose threats to the Elfin Kingdom residents. Our story begins in a small town at the center of the Elfin Kingdom, the Elfin Town.

a device specifically used to capture and contain Elfins. In the game, Elfins has different traits and skills. There are Grass, Water, Fire, Electric, and Psych abled Elfins. Each Elfin is a unique NFT. Players could choose their roles and start the adventure within the Elfin Kingdom immediately, and earn tokens and in-game rewards all the way. They could be owning or renting farm, land, or train Elfins to battle for leveling up, or simply capture and collecting Elfins for fun, some may go on the challenge to participate and win the World Championship of Elfin Kingdom and become the Master Elfin Trainer. The fun is unlimited. ...

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