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Fishing Lands

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To begin with, the players are required to own tools in the game which can be purchased via AtomicHub, exchanged with other players, or crafted by certain tokens from a decentralized exchange called “Alcor Exchange”. This game allows the players to emphasize specifically on the management of resources within their wallet.

In Fishinglands, the players will play roles as an enthusiastic fisherman who is obsessed with fishing in which he is desired to own the finest fishing rod. Each players will contribute and take parts in building their multiverse by using in-game assets. We strongly believe that having these assets is one of the ways that the players can become more engaging and attracted to the game. However, the players are also awarded with in-game tokens that can be used to craft new tools or exchanged in Alcor Exchange. Our intention is to create a healthy economic system that offers multiple opportunities for the players within the game. With the great stability in our tokenomics, this persuades active investors and game participants to take part in the role of Fishinglands economy. ...

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