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Immortal Cat

Immortal Cat

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We have created a new super species of “immortal cat". “The eternal cat exists because of the eternal life of consciousness”. Inspired by the Egyptian mythology of Anubis As the god of life and death,The eternal cat has the power of immortality, It also has the wisdom and power to create a new world.

If consciousness does not die, civilization will never die. This is an awakening of the human mind to evolve to a higher civilization. Through human-computer interconnection, Break the boundary between the real world and the virtual world. Human consciousness, houghts, and civilization will be preserved forever in the vast metaverse, so that human civilization can continue until eternity... At this point, the era of immortality is officially opened. We created a new species, the "immortal cat", which is more adapted to the immortal world than humans. We made it has human consciousness, thought and intelligence, It becomes the pioneer, creator and guardian of the immortal world of the metaverse. The Immortal Cats carry the five superior human genes. Include Genesis, Art, Wisdom, Magic and Smiths DNA. Play different roles and become the master of the immortal world. ...

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