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KLAY VOX is currently undergoing a creator course on THE SANDBOX by digital artist METABOI, and it becomes an official partnership after going through the GMF process. Currently, the official partnership cannot issue THE SANDBOX NFT arbitrarily, but it is planning to make it easier for the partnership to issue NFT in the future than it is now.

GMF is not a significant difficulty as a result of the review and there is no burden on the cost, so we are planning a partnership within the second quarter to the third quarter at the latest. I will discuss with the holders about THE SANDBOX NFT in the future and issue it. We will launch an upcoming service like RARITY SNIPER in May. Upcoming services are places that promote NFT projects or writer information, where marketing profits are generated and NFT information is collected first. It will stand out in the NFT market and be a central service for information. ...

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