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MUSIX : MasterKey

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MUSIX MasterKey NFT gives holders access and various privileges to the #1 music ecosystem yet on the blockchain and the biggest music space for live concerts, parties and shows in the Metaverse. As the genesis NFT, there are 10,000 units for early Investors of the project on ETH chain.

MUSIX Masterkey NFT is divided into 5 classes with the highest class having only 5 units. The ecosystem Initial NFT Offering (INO) is scheduled for Q2 of 2022. Initial sales begin with a floor price of 0.0369ETH and increase steadily every 24 hours until its 5x value and stop at 0.1537 ETH making it an amazing opportunity for the super early Investors. Refer to the RARITY AND UTILITY CHART for full details of privileges attached to the offering.

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