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Outland Odyssey

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Outland Odyssey offers hands-on role-playing experiences, collaborative multiplayer adventures, tournament battles, and guild wars with colleagues. Players can create their own dungeons, tame Zeds, complete quests, and collect rare NFT assets. More games from Path of Avoria and Seed of Destiny will be available in the future. Project Seed also works with other game studios to implement Play-to-Earn Economics and Blockchain Technology in their games and launch them in the ecosystem.

Players can go on an adventure and find the Zeds they can tame, and create the main Zed of the three things they choose to bring to the adventure. To catch Zed, the player must not defeat Zed. Zed can run away if the player fails to capture and will drop the trophy item if the player defeats it. Defeated Zeds spoils items can be used to make armor and weapons. Jedd and the spoils drop are determined by how much the player is willing to bet on the token. In addition to single-player story mode, players can play the story with three other players. Theres a special quest where players have to play with friends to fight the larger and more difficult mythical Jedd. ...

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