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Realm is a resource management game where you strategically utilize your NFT Leaders and Helpers to save the world from devastation. Players will collect resources, unlock regions, earn RLM Tokens, level up their realm and much more.

The core game revolves around a not so distant and not so fictional future where the world is in turmoil due to war, famine, disease and meteors. The current Leaders are failing and have lost control. A secret organization known as Realm is assembling a team to return the world to order. Players will be able to strategically build their Realm team with the ultimate objective of restoring order in each region. This will not be easy and it will require a lot of strategy from the player to choose when and where to utilize each Leader to employ their unique strengths. Built by a team of crypto enthusiast developers with a combined development experience of 30+ years and leveraging the power of the WAX blockchain, Realm allows players to collect, trade and upgrade their NFT leaders which will create a rich game and community experience.

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