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1️⃣ SMATH, the art team of Team Smart, consists of five NFT professional 3D artists: Deanneema, MYGX, Dayglow, snowland, MaZe. They combine pure art with 3D technology to create works with Smas unique style and worldview. As a global team currently active in the United States, Europe, and Korea, we will proceed with the entire process from design planning to content development with the best render farm that can be developed and produced by ourselves.

2️⃣ Team Smarts artists do not disclose their faces, names, or status in the physical world. This is to create the identity and the world of Smas as a team without insisting on their own color within Team Smas, who are all famous artists. The trust in the art team will be shown in the artwork as a result. 3️⃣ In addition to the officially established minting, Team Smars also offers an airdrop event to give users a variety of enjoyment and benefits. We will continue to provide valuable assets such as writer collaboration NFT, virtual space (e.g. galleries, lands, etc.) that can be used with the character NFTs already sold, but also have additional scalability, compatibility with other projects or metaverse, and interoperability.

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