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Stella Fantasy

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Stella Fantasy is a "Premium Character Collectible NFT RPG" featuring fantasy elements - distinguished by its high-quality real-time action combat.

Over 20 anime characters of premium quality have been developed using Unreal 4 engine to provide highly polished gameplay experience never seen before in any other NFT blockchain game. Using these characters as our foundation, we are planning to create and expand the IP along with its ecosystem advancing towards multi-metaverse platform. You are awoken in a nameless forest on the outskirts of West Veranian Kingdom. Everything, including your name, is unclear to you. Yet, you somehow end up heading on into an unknown adventure with a trio of novice adventurers - Ruby, Lapis and Linette. It doesnt take long for you to realize that this dangerous world is also filled with numerous adventurers seeking for their own dreams and fortunes. ...

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