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Surviving Soldiers

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It is an NFT pay-to-earn game which will allow you to enjoy a new and different video game, also giving you the opportunity to earn money.

Surviving soldiers is developed to provide an exciting player experience, where you can choose to become a humanoid, zombie or even both and start carrying out missions depending on the singularity chosen by the player. Both factions will be found in the same world but separated by cities or infected areas. Depending on character selections, you will be able to colonize new non infected areas and decide on your own if you would like to build a Military Fortress or spread the Zombie infection across the zone, earning a bonus after conquering them. Our main ambition is to build a superior NFT ecosystem in the blockchain space offering sustainable value to our users and investors, therefore, Surviving Soldiers is established on Binance Smart chain compatible with web3 wallets such as Metamask, which will be used to allow transactions. ...

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